When you can't speak for yourself in an emergency, RescueVoice delivers lifesaving information to first responders.

About Us

When you can't speak for yourself during life threatening emergencies, RescueVoice communicates your vital medical information to First Responders. RescueVoice is committed to providing the best emergency contact service available, custom-tailored to meet your individual needs. With your RescueVoice card, you personally record your important information, built around our secure, "leave and retrieve" voice data network. And during critical illness, RescueVoice connects and informs patient's families and friends during treatment and recovery.

RescueVoice is always there, whether you're hiking and want to let others know your whereabouts or need to make sure that information about your child's asthma condition

is always with them. RescueVoice ensures that your information is always available, no matter where or when unpredictable situations occur. Sign up today and protect your loved ones.

I knew what was needed and there was nothing available on the market to meet the need. So I designed and built this system with the patient and emergency responder interaction in mind. It needed to be simple to use, easy to update, and have rapid access to critical information. RescueVoice is the answer.

The founder of RescueVoice, Dennis Doherty, is a former advanced mobile intensive care paramedic, MICP, EMT

. We are driven by our desire to reduce the risks in emergency situations by providing current information that can help prevent misdiagnosis, and reduce medical errors.

Dennis Doherty, Founder of RescueVoice, MICP, EMT/P, Ret.

Company History

RescueVoice was founded by Dennis Doherty MICP, EMT/P, a physician-trained, advanced mobile intensive care paramedic at King County Medic One for more than 30 years, and Emmett Lenihan, a successful entrepreneur with extensive experience launching, operating and growing start-up businesses. In response to the strong demand for First Responders to have access to critical medical information, these two health care visionaries developed a partnership and set out to bring the highest level of response to clients during medical emergencies.

Mr. Doherty has spent the last several decades mastering the craft and science of emergency medical services, management and care. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, holding many pending patents, and a respected business professional with extensive consulting experience in the medical device industry. Dennis's hands-on knowledge of providing emergency medical care sets the tone and culture of the company, and his real life work experience ensures that RescueVoice never loses sight of the enormity and significance of saving lives. After considerable discussions with others in the field, he developed RescueVoice with his wife, Alidene Doherty (RN, BSN), a critical care nurse.

Emmett Lenihan is known as a pre-eminent entrepreneur for his successful management skills during his many years as owner of Lenihan Distribution. Since retiring from his role as CEO/Chairman of the company, Emmett has remained active as a recognized business consultant. Emmett's business acumen and financial expertise brings to RescueVoice a critical set of credentials that are essential in creating the business model.

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