When you can't speak for yourself in an emergency, RescueVoice delivers lifesaving information to first responders.

First Responders' Guide

In an emergency, RescueVoice relays vital medical information to aid in your treatment of patients and to help save lives. You will have immediate access to a victim's critical medical information by accessing the data on their RescueVoice card. As you know, this information is especially crucial in the moments after an emergency, and can be passed on to Emergency Room nurses and doctors while the victim is transported to the hospital.

Designed in collaboration with you, First Responders, RescueVoice knows how to deliver a victim's emergency information to you in their time of need, correctly and efficiently. With RescueVoice, customers record their medical information, including details on specific medical conditions, prescription and over-the-counter medications and dosages, allergies, implanted devices and emergency contacts.

First responders know to look for the RescueVoice wallet card or tag signaling that additional medical and contact information is available by calling the RescueVoice toll free number, entering the codes noted on patient card, and listening to their recorded medical information.

It's simple and easy to access the patient's information.

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