When you can't speak for yourself in an emergency, RescueVoice delivers lifesaving information to first responders.


RescueVoice values its customers and respects their privacy. We collect your personally recorded information in an effort to provide it responsibly to those who need it. People consider information about their health to be highly sensitive and demand the strongest protection. Recognizing the importance of the public's confidence in the sanctity and confidentiality of their medical records, RescueVoice has developed their system to protect their customer's privacy and how their recorded information will be used.

To achieve consistent and reliable high performance, RescueVoice has established a secure, redundant network to deploy call-answering solutions using touch-tone, voice recognition and computer integration technologies. Our network is structured to perform with both low and high volumes due to its modular architecture. Operations are supported by technical staff and maintain a platform uptime of 99.999%. RescueVoice has multiple data centers throughout the world and each site is equipped with redundant power and cooling facilities that utilize multiple carriers for voice and data transmissions. Our sites are interlinked via dedicated high-speed data and voice circuits, resulting in applications deployed in an N+1 configuration across RescueVoice operation centers. These data centers have immediate Uninterrupted

Power Supply (UPS) backup powered by multiple generator systems. Telco services are maintained at higher-than-industry-standards of P.001 service level. This means that one call in a thousand may get a busy signal. To put into perspective, industry standards at 911 centers have a P.002 rate, meaning that two calls in a thousand will get busy signals.

If there is an entire data center loss, traffic will be routed to another data center. Online backups occur hourly and full backups are performed nightly. Full backup data is stored in a secure, off-site facility. Our clients do not have to worry about the safety, reliability, or performance of the RescueVoice technology communication system.

RescueVoice contracts with BandWidth.com to provide data centers in Seattle Washington and Dallas Texas.