When you can't speak for yourself in an emergency, RescueVoice delivers lifesaving information to first responders.


"As a new father I know anything can be a surprise; as a Paramedic I know surprises can be deadly. That's why I wanted my family to have RescueVoice. Knowing that my family's critical information is there for the emergency responders to access in an emergency makes me feel safe as a paramedic, and smart as a father."

- Jeff A., Paramedic

"I want you to notify my family, I want you to know my medical condition, and as a paramedic I understand the need for this information in an emergency. Yet every day, I see patients that have no idea about their medications, medical history or how to contact their families. That's why I have RescueVoice. I am so convinced RescueVoice is the answer' I was the first customer!'"

- Matt R., Paramedic